Which Love Island UK Couples Are Still Together?

In the villa: Dumped week 38

In the outside world: “We’ve proven a lot of people wrong,” Callum later said, per the Mirror. “A lot of people thought I was a traitor or whatever they want to call it, but yeah. Everything is going well. I mean, the show was worth it.”

Series 7

Liam and Millie

Millie Court just couldn’t seem to quit Liam Reardon, even after the truth about his Casa Amor wandering eye came out when they were reunited at the main villa. All it took was one heartfelt apology speech, and these two were back on track, eventually going on to win the whole shebang.

In the villa: Winners

In the outside world: First, they were on. Then they were off. Now they’re maybe possibly back on. After telling The Sun that the reason for the split was the stress caused by living so much in the public eye, Reardon said in July of 2023, “Not saying we’re back together…but if we were back together, that’s why we’re keeping it quiet.”

Chloe and Toby

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were pretty off-and-on right from the start, thanks mostly to Toby’s constantly turning head. It wasn’t until after Casa Amor when he’d already recoupled with Mary, that Toby seemed to finally realise his head and his heart were always with Chloe.

In the villa: Runners-up

In the outside world: Chloe and Toby’s rocky road in the villa probably wasn’t a great sign for their road outside the villa either. Sure enough, these two broke up for good after a year of dating, per E! News.

Faye and Teddy

Just when you thought nobody was going to be able to handle Faye Winter or her myriad insecurities, in walked Teddy Soares, and it was obvious the girl had more than met her match.

In the villa: Third place

In the outside world: Or maybe she hadn’t because the couple confirmed their breakup in February of 2023.

Kaz and Tyler

Kaz Kamwi had already had a bit of a journey in the Love Island villa by the time Tyler Cruickshank walked in as a bombshell halfway through the season. Though their initial connection was strong, they had a bit of a setback when Tyler’s head was turned in Casa Amor, but they found their way back to each other eventually.

In the villa: Fourth place.

In the outside world: The whirlwind romance of Kaz and Tyler sadly only lasted about three months post–Love Island, though at least the breakup seemed amicable, as they are one of the few couples to have made a joint statement announcing the split. “We are extremely sad to announce that we have decided to end our romantic relationship,” they said together, per Digital Spy.

Series 8

Davide and Ekin-Su

Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu certainly didn’t have the easiest of Love Island journeys (e.g., “You’re an actress!”), but at the end of the day, their chemistry was simply too red hot to deny, even to themselves.


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