“Completely False!”: Andy Cohen Refutes Cocaine & Booze Drenched Lawsuit From Leah McSweeney

Real Housewives kingpin Andy Cohen has faced a number of accusations and unsavory allegations of late, but a cocaine fueled favoritism and booze bullying lawsuit today from Leah McSweeney has truly raised his ire.

Late tonight after word of the New York filed action seeped out, a representative for Cohen told Deadline “the claims against Andy are completely false!”

Never one to claim his is or ever was a saint, the often TMI Cohen also wasn’t particularly surprised by Tuesday’s filing by RH and Ultimate Girls Trip vet McSweeney against him, Bravo, NBCUniversal, production company Shed Media and various producers, I hear. After all, McSweeney had openly threatened last year to take the gang to court when she had her own employment discrimination action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission tossed out.

With that proviso and with the Bravoverse under such scrutiny right now from a range of lawsuits and lawyers, the defendants probably hoped McSweeney wouldn’t go all scorched Earth on them like she did.

The former Real Housewives of New York City star really did shoot off a flamethrower in what she says was a distinct effort to stop her from exercising her right to remain sober.

Decrying a “rotted workplace culture that uniquely depended on pressuring its employees to consume alcohol,” the suit goes on to claim that RH franchise EP Cohen “engages in cocaine use with Housewives and other Bravolebrities that he employs.” The filing also alleges that Cohen flatters the “Housewives with whom he uses cocaine with more favorable treatment and edits.”

Making it very personal for McSweeney herself, the suit states “defendants with the knowledge that Ms. McSweeney struggled with alcohol use disorder, colluded with her colleagues to pressure Ms. McSweeney to drink, retaliated against her when she wanted to stay sober, and intentionally failed to provide reasonable accommodations that would aid her efforts to stay sober and able to perform.”

While unscripted shows have always attracted lawsuits like they attract narcissists, Bethany Frankel’s self-described “reality reckoning” war last year against the “sordid and dark underbelly of NBC’s widely consumed reality TV universe” really lit the cannons to fire at will. Taking aim at the restrictive NDAs and manipulation and mind games allegedly taking place on unscripted shows, Frankel’s main lawyer Bryan Freedman has put Bravo and NBCU on legal notice.

Even with NBCU promising stricter workplace conduct guidelines for its reality TV offerings, a slew of sexual assault and sexual harassment suits have followed in recent months. While NBCU isn’t the only media giant with such problems (just say the words Netflix and Love Is Blind around a courthouse or two, to see what I mean), they are often in the seedy spotlight.

In the past three months alone, the legal action has gotten more down and dirty than ever. Last October, Marco Vega, the butler on the second season of Peacock‘s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexually assaulted by cast members Brandi Glanville and Phaedra Parks. In December, RH alum Caroline Manzo claimed fellow Real Housewives star Glanville sexually assaulted her during the Morocco filming of Peacock‘s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Both Vega and Manzo’s suits had Bravo, Forest Productions, Warner Bros., NBCU, Shed Media and Peacock as defendants.

Last week, Glanville’s lawyer Freedman and Mark Geragos put NBCU, WBD and Shed Media on the scolding seat with a letter alleging Andy Cohen sexually harassed their client.

Citing the “abusive practices of the reality TV industry,” the lawyers said in a letter to the C-suites that an apparently drunken Cohen sent Glanville a video in 2022 where he told her that he, an openly gay man, wanted her to watch him have sex with “another Bravo star that night,” aka Kate Chastain. Termed as an “extraordinary abuse of power” by Glanville, the allegations soon saw Cohen taking to social media to say it was all a joke that Glanville was in on. On Twitter/X, Cohen acknowledged “it was totally inappropriate and I apologize.”

That wasn’t enough for Glanville and her lawyers, who soon afterwards on February 23 asked Comcast CEO Brian Roberts to “do the right thing” and fire Cohen. Glanville herself says she still hasn’t received a personal sorry from Cohen.

Time is ticking.


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