15 Best Quiet Vibrators For Discreet Self-Love in 2024

To figure out exactly which vibrators promise to deliver on a seriously exciting quiet night in, we’ve taken into account the volume settings available, the technology that’s gone into each product, as well as deep diving into the reviews on each product. Plus, we may have tried a few of the toys ourselves… just to be sure.

LELO Sila Cruise

Satisfyer Pro 2 Modern Blossom

What is a quiet vibrator?

Literally what they say on the tin, quiet vibrators are some of the best sex toys as they don’t make much (if any) noise when you use them. Most of the specifications for sex toys mention volume; the quiet vibrators will usually have something like ‘near-silent’ as a key pointer.

“Many of us can struggle with distracting thoughts, making getting or staying in the mood hard, so a silent vibe is bliss,” says Samantha Marshall, head of brand at Smile Makers. “Silent vibrators support us staying in the moment, whether solo or partnered.”

Smilemakers conducted a poll in 2023 that found a lot of people like to masturbate before bed, taking advantage of one big benefit of pleasure: better sleep. “While we’re trying to soothe ourselves into a post-orgasmic snooze, the less distracting sounds we have going on, the better,” Marshall says.

While there aren’t any quiet vibrators on the market that claim to be entirely silent (they are mechanical, after all), there are loads that come incredibly close. Womanizer’s OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator will only turn on when it comes into contact with the skin (so smart), so is guaranteed to stay hush-hush, while Smile Makers’ The French Lover, So Divine’s bullet vibrator and We-Vibe’s Touch X all have singing reviews about their discrete-yet-powerful vibrations.

Psst! We’ve also got clit vibrators, G-spot vibrators, remote control vibrators, wand vibrators, bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators in case anything here doesn’t peak your interest.

Ahead, the best quiet vibrators to add to your checkout.


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