Brandon Sanderson Wins Concessions from Audible

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So far this week, Today in Books has been a one-story-a-day affair. And each was worth it. That means, though, that I have a backlog of links here, so we are doing ten today. In rough, reverse order of how interesting I think they are:

#10: Bono’s ‘Surrender’ Wins Audiobook of the Year at 2024 Audie Awards

Celebrity books always clean up with these high-profile awards, and I could not be less interested. But that’s me.

#9: Fanfiction Community Rocked By Etsy Sellers Turning Their Work Into Bound Books

So many cease-and-desists to go around.

#8: ‘Twilight’ Animated Series Being Shopped by Lionsgate Television

So this is after the altered perspective retellings and the graphic novel. Sun never sets on Twilight.

#7: First Trailer for Wild Robot, based on the book by Peter Brown.

My kids love this Wall-E/Iron Giant/Fern Gulley mashup. Surprised to see it getting a theatrical release, but it looks like it warrants the big screen.

#6: Finalists for the 2024 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction

Absolution was underrated last year.

#5: Former librarian, fired after refusing to remove books, sues Llano County

May your efforts succeed.

#4: Dakota Johnson Can’t Fake It

This is an elite quote:

I’ve found in book clubs that you’re just kind of on your own. You watch someone like me have a conversation with the author, but I don’t feel invested in that. I’m not very good at Instagram and I am constantly trying to figure it out, but the more I’ve learned and seen, something like this is really needed. People need to deep dive into knowledge about specific things rather than talking about what f*cking face serum they’re using and thinking that that’s the most important thing in the world.

#3: Court Orders Amazon E-book Monopoly Lawsuit to Proceed

I’ve always thought that the best monopoly case against Amazon is in ebooks. I don’t ultimately think anything substantial will happen here, but if it ever does, this is the attack surface to go after.

#2: Denzel Washington and Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in Broadway’s ‘Othello’

I find these high-profile Shakespeare productions terribly exciting. Have I ever been to one? No. I just love that they exist.

#1: Brandon Sanderson Forces Audible’s Hand

Is Brandon Sanderson the most all-around influential author in the publishing world? Hard to name someone you put over him.


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