Kylie Jenner shares what her new fragrance Cosmic really smells like

Ever wondered what fragrance Timothee Chalamet was leaning in to smell during his and Kylie’s viral ‘I love you’ moment at the Golden Globes? Our money is on Kylie’s new scent, Cosmic Kylie Jenner, which she announced to the world this week.

“The way you smell when you hug someone or when you walk into a room is an impression you leave with someone. So I love scents that are memorable and a little intoxicating,” reveals Kylie as she discusses her new fragrance and the latest chapter in her beauty mogul career exclusively with GLAMOUR.

“”I would describe it [Cosmic] as sweet, warm, delicious, and completely intoxicating,” she says. “I wanted the fragrance to be something people have never smelled before but that feels immediately comforting and delicious. We chose a blend of notes to develop a scent that was fresh, sweet, warm, and ‘out of this world.’ We included some of my favourite notes like star jasmine and vanilla musk. It also has accords of golden amber, red peony, and cedar wood, which contribute to the warm floral smell.”

Kylie notes that the fragrance inspiration came from her mum, Kris Jenner, and early olfactory memories. “Growing up, I remember my mom would wear a lot of floral perfumes, so the notes of peonies in Cosmic are nostalgic to me.”

The fragrance has all the hallmarks of a personal project, with Kylie working alongside master perfumer Nicole Mancini for two years, to bring her vision to life. “I really wanted to create something that was unique to me from every aspect, from the scent to the bottle. We started with the scent and then the name came naturally. The bottle was also designed to resemble a piece of art from another world, and formed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The Roman numerals [on the packaging] are of my birthdate – it’s another touch that signifies how personal Cosmic is to me.”

Kylie admits to being a perfectionist when it came to creating the scent. “We went through more than 15 rounds to perfect it and when I finally landed on that scent, it literally smelled out of this world, and that’s how Cosmic was born.” The seal of approval came from her family. “We worked so hard to create everything I wanted in a scent, but I also wanted everyone else to be obsessed with it, too. I gave testers to all of my family, friends and team, and I knew it was the right one when everyone had the same reaction I had.”


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