Paris Hilton Blasts Mauricio Umansky After Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Teaser Reveals Real Reason In Rift From Hilton Family

Paris Hilton is blasting Mauricio Umansky after a preview for Netflix‘s Buying Beverly Hills hit social media.

In the teaser, Umansky talked about his rift with the Hilton family after he left Hilton & Hyland to form his own real estate agency.

“That’s exactly what happened,” Umansky said in the preview after a fellow real estate agent asked him if the reason he had for leaving Hilton & Hyland was because he was not made a partner.

Paris’ father, Rick, is a partner at Hilton & Hyland, and when Umansky exited the agency to start his own, it caused friction in the family.

“My father is a consummate gentleman and has always taken the higher road. He would never speak negatively about his family-especially in the press,” Paris said in a reply to Instagram fan account Queens of Bravo. “Frankly we are all sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show. It is enough already…”

Paris Hilton's message to Mauricio Umansky on Instagram

Umansky is married to Kyle Richards, the younger sister of Kathy Hilton, Paris’s mother. The rift between the Umanskys and the Hiltons has been mentioned on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over the years, but not to the level being explored on the Netflix reality series.

“So, I think I got kind of f***ed by Hilton & Hyland. And when I say f***ed, today I’m happy but there was a hundred agents at Hilton & Hyland,” Umansky said on Buying Beverly Hills. “They did a billion dollars for the first time a year. I was 19.6% of their production and when I went to Rick [Hilton] and I said, ‘I’d really like equity and to be a partner.’ He went back, he talked to Jeff, he got back to me and basically I was told no.”

He continued, “Then I went home, I talked to Kyle [and] I go, ‘This will cause a lot of stress between you, your sister, and your family, and I don’t want to do this move of leaving and starting a company if you’re not comfortable. She was 100% supportive.”

Umansky also noted that Hilton & Hyland asked why he didn’t warn them of his intentions of opening up his own real estate agency.

“I’d never be caught speaking poorly about them because I don’t think poorly about them and I am Rick’s brother-in-law, but unfortunately, it got sour because it really affected the family,” Umansky added. “Kyle more than anybody. Her family stopped speaking to her but she understood that what was done to me was wrong.”

Buying Beverly Hills is a reality series starring Umansky and all the drama in the competitive real estate world. Umansky is joined by his daughters, Farrah Brittany, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky, as they learn the ropes of the family business.

Season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills is set to drop on March 22 on Netflix.


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