Found: the 25 Best Plus-Size Jeans For 2024

“Let’s go shopping for plus size jeans,” is a statement which used to give me absolute nightmares. Being a plus-size girlie with a small waist and much larger hip, finding jeans to actually fit and not leave that huge gap above my bum (that even a belt can’t hold together) isn’t the easiest task at hand.

Usually, I like to go for skinny jean with a lot of stretch so it can mould to my curves (something like Good American’s Good Curve Light Compression style that I’m wearing below), but to be totally transparent, that was also the only real jean style that I could fit to fit my shape during most of my teens.

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Good Curve Straight Light Compression Jeans

Sometimes I wanted that tighter skinny fit with a bodysuit underneath, but sometimes I just wanted a casual baggy jean with an oversized white shirt. I used to think that feeling confident in jeans meant that it had to be a style that was sculpted to my silhouette, but now I know it’s whatever you feel comfortable in.

Fast forward to 2024 and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find so many different cuts and shapes of denim for our plus-size bodies. We’ve had designers such as Karoline Vitto work with denim in her Dolce and Gabbana collaboration collection last September in Milan (in an incredible curve-inclusive show), and most recently we’ve seen Sinead O’Dwyer using denim on the runway in London this past season with oversize fits, raw hems and that 90s style on visually plus size models.

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Stiff denim, 90s wide fits, restrictive waistbands and generic silhouettes have meant that options have fallen short on what’s available for curvy women in the past – but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.


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