Heidi Klum ‘mineral manicure’ is 2024’s answer to the nude nail trend

Are nude nails out? Model and presenter Heidi Klum just made a convincing case for the new nail trend of summer 2024: the mineral manicure.

Heidi is known for her love of bright colours, so it’s not exactly a surprise that her latest manicure features a bright shade we’ve rarely seen on nails before. After all, nude nails, such as milky nails or naked nails, were one of the stand-out beauty trends over the winter. Heidi Klum’s new nail polish definitely brings some variety into the mix. We particularly like how the shade is inspired by a gemstone. Which one? See for yourself…

Heidi Klum took us behind the scenes at the America’s Got Talent auditions with a candid selfie. and those eye-catching nails on full display. Note the length – stiletto nails if ever we saw them – and the ultra-striking shade of blue.

In her stories, Heidi Klum also answers exactly which shade it is. Turquoise, FYI.


The colour is reminiscent of the mineral turquoise, a gemstone that occurs naturally on earth, for example, in Iran and the USA. It is one of the oldest gemstones in the world. Turquoise is considered a healing stone and is said to protect against misfortune. It also stands for loyalty, friendship, and solidarity.

If you look closely, you will see that Heidi Klum not only combines her “mineral manicure” with a dark blue dress but also a delicate bracelet with turquoise stones.

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More precisely, the bracelet is a “Nazar amulet”, a blue amulet in the shape of an eye, which is believed to ward off the “evil eye” in Greece, Turkey and parts of Southeast Asia. In combination with her mineral manicure, it not only looks beautiful but hopefully keeps any bad juju at bay.

**This article was originally published in Glamour Germany. **


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