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While shopping for a couple of birthday gifts earlier this month, I came across all kinds of swag for fans of murder mystery and true crime. And that’s great! But I found that the merch was almost always geared towards fans of true crime documentaries, procedurals, and other “murder shows,” or murder-themed podcasts. From ceramic mugs to candles and T-shirts, there is plenty to be found both in brick-and-mortar stores and online proclaiming a love for all things dark and twisty in the realm of podcasts and TV.

I enjoy a lot of those shows and podcasts as much as the next person (well, mostly—we can talk about the ethics of true crime media another day), but books were and are my first mystery loves (and yes, that true crime discussion should extend to books). So off I went in search of bookish goods for mystery readers. Whether you like your mysteries cute and cozy or more on the dark and thrilling side, I found all sorts of fun stuff for mystery lovers of all stripes. Below you’ll find some stickers and pins, tees and totes, cozy sweaters, candles, and more goods for folks who love the mysteries found in the pages of a book.

sticker of text in yellow, green, red, and pink text that reads "cozy mystery book club girlie"

It’s me, hi, I’m the girlie, it’s me. If you can get over my terrible humor, this sticker is super cute. $7

The words on this tote are true at almost any given time. $20

woman wearing a light blue tshirt. The front of the shirt contains a graphic of a small stack of books and text that reads "Stay cozy, read a mystery"

Coziness is a thing I reach for in books and in life. Sounds like I need this T-shirt. $20

cream-colored crewneck with a red handprint and red text that reads "This is My Murder Mystery Reading Sweater"

I saw this crewneck and immediately sang, “Stop! In the naaaame of criiiime!” $25+

a woman wearing a charcoal grey sweater with white text that reads "If it's not a thriller, I don't want it"

I’m pretty equal opportunity in my mystery reading, but for some, it’s thrillers all day, every day. For my thriller enthusiasts, here’s a cozy crewneck. $49

white coffee mug with a graphic of a detective holding a red fish. Text surrounding the image reads "This Isn't a Clue, It's a Red Herring!"I

I warned you about my terrible humor! This red herring mug absolutely tickles me. $16

an enamel pin in the shake of a black book. the front cover of the book contains. text that reads "mystery reader" hovering over the chalk outline of a body

This pin is simple, enamel, and to the point. $11

beige book sleeve with black text that reads "Mysteries Find Me". Surrounding the text are graphics of laptop computers, magnifying glasses, and the silhouette of a woman holding a magnifying glass

This zippered book sleeve is perfect for your physical book, ereader, or tablet and comes in this cute Nancy Drew design. $15

black zippered book sleeve with white text that reads "reading, because murder is wrong" beneath a graphic of a golden skull arranged on top of an open book

I’ve often said that a lot of my favorite crime writers chose writing to avoid doing crimes. If you read for similar reasons and/or just dig a decorative skull like I do, this book sleeve is just great. $14

a candle resting on a black hardcover book. the candle label reads "thriller book club"

I was going to suggest this fancy candle to zen you out and lower your blood pressure when those thrillers have your heart racing. Based on that description, though, it may just hype you up! $20+

Two candles from a company called Briarwick, one larger than the other, Both contain purple and black labels and the name "Mystery"

I love Briarwick’s literary-themed candles, but I’ve never smelled this Mystery one before! With notes of black cypress, juniper, and mist (what does mist smell like!?), my interest is piqued. $7+

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