Is The Row’s Margaux bag set to take over from the Birkin? Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles seem to think so

It might feel like fashion sacrilege to even suggest that there could ever be another bag with an influence on the industry that comes even close to that of the Hermès Birkin, but allow us to introduce you to a potential contender.

Whether you’ve realised it or not, you’ve undoubtedly spotted The Row’s Margaux bag over recent months.

Whether it’s being unboxed on Instagram by your favourite influencer, spotted in the tight grip of an A-list celebrity or – if you’re anything like us – appearing all over your phone via the algorithm’s ads because, really, we’re being listened to by technology at all times (a scary discussion for another time) there hasn’t been a bag launch with this much impact for a long time.

Jennifer Lawrence with her Margaux bag


Kendall Jenner with her Margaux bag


Let’s start with the elephant in the room: It’s almost impossible to get your hands on.

Sold out just about everywhere, your best bet at snagging yourself a Margaux is in store or via re-sale sites. But don’t let the latter fool you… There’s very little in the way of a ‘second-hand, half-price’ narrative here. But would you expect any less for such a modern day icon? A future heirloom?

So popular, in fact, is the Margaux that it often increases in price on resale – cementing its position as so much more than a trending cult item.

Pre-Loved Margaux Black Leather Bag

Pre-Loved Margaux 10 Dark Taupe Pebbled Leather Bag

Pre-Loved Margaux 15 Soft Grained Leather Black Bag

Pre-Loved Margaux 15 Belt Black Leather Bag

Pre-Loved Margaux Burgundy Leather Bag

Pre-Loved Margaux Black Leather Bag

So why is this bag proving such a cultural hit right now?

Firstly, of course, it’s the brainchild of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – who are behind the industry’s ever-elusive, ever-loved fashion label, The Row. A huge tick in many a fashion fan’s book.

Aesthetically speaking, the bag feeds into just about every accessory trend going right now. The epitome of quiet luxury – a quintessential tagline for the brand itself, were it not too minimalist to have one – it comprises a subtle, logo-less design that lets the butter-soft leather speak for itself.

Soft Margaux 17 Suede Bag in Mocha

Margaux Leather Bag in White

It’s also oversized and slouchy (yes, across all four of its size categories) – a particularly popular look right now but also a very real, practical consideration for anyone considering purchasing such a high-ticket item.

Perhaps the most convincing proof of its power is that this isn’t, actually, a new bag. And yet it still feels like one…

Soft Margaux 15 Leather Bag in Black

Margaux Buckled Leather Bag in Brown

First launched in 2018, the Margaux has been re-released season after season in various, subtly new colourways.

But it wasn’t until recently that it broke away from being a ‘fashion insider favourite’ to a globally adored mega-bag, with fashion search platform Lyst recently naming it the ‘hottest product’ of the moment after search increased for the brand by 93% in the most recent quarter and for the Margaux bag by 198% year-on-year.

Zoë Kravitz with her Margaux bag

Raymond Hall

Harry Styles with his Margaux bag

Of course, the recent celebrity attention has certainly helped introduce the bag to the masses. With everyone from Kendall Jenner and Zoë Kravitz to Jennifer Lawrence and just this week even Harry Styles finding the allure of the Margaux impossible to resist, it looks like the bag’s momentum is in no way fading.

Now, if they could just release a few more so we could all club together and share one… You in?

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