49 Different-Coloured Nails & Mismatched Nail Ideas for 2021

As we enter spring (finally!), you may well be looking for ways to refresh your mani for the new season. Which could explain the influx of different-coloured nails and mismatched nail ideas popping up on our Instagram Explore page. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that we’re so impatient for the temperatures to warm up that we’re turning to nail designs for a little heat. No matter the reason, there’s no denying an eclectic approach to manis is a trend that’s hot right now.

Sure, Skittles nails and ombré manis have been trending nail designs for the past year, but according to Pinterest, they aren’t going anywhere. There’s also a zeal for what’s referred to on the platform as “indie nails” – treating each nail as its own individual design, also known as mix and match nails. Whatever you call the trend, there’s no denying how cute (and easy) it is.

We rounded up the best different-coloured nails and mismatched manicure ideas, from twists on the French manicure to cute doodles, below. Scroll on to get inspired.

This article was originally published on GLAMOUR US.


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