13 Best Signet Rings for Women That Have the Fashion Crowd Utterly Obsessed

You’d be forgiven for thinking that signets are reserved for aristocratic men with family crests, but we’re seeing far more of the best signet rings for women these days. And we’re here for it. They’re a timeless, staple jewellery piece – one that’s far easier to wear than you might have once thought.

The signet is a symbolic, historical ring design – one which was often used for stamping a letter shut with a wax seal. Nowadays, though, people wear them on whichever finger they desire, with royals such as the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle regularly showing hers off on her ring finger.

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The art of stacking your jewellery is one that takes time to master, sure, and playing around with metals, colours and textures can make for a unique and interesting look that brings an outfit to life. But the beauty of adding a signet ring to your collection is that you can go as OTT or as pared-back with it as you wish.

The best part? Unless you’ve been handed one down from your family (unlikely, unless you’re related to King Charles himself), the one you chose to invest in can be as fun or as serious as you wish. Since a coat of arms is probably not in the question, don’t be afraid to try out some unusual shapes, engravings or even gemstones.

While the plain and simple options are always impactful, and perfect as heirlooms if you wish to pass it down yourself later in life, there’s so much fun to be had with the more unusual styles we’re seeing from our favourite jewellery brands.

Engravable Round Signet Ring

Daisy london black signet ring

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We’ve sourced some of the best signet rings for women in various prices, shapes, sizes and hues. Find them below.

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