Are Ridge and Jade still together from MAFS Australia?

Post wedding and honeymoon, the couple’s bond clearly grew stronger, with Jade introducing Ridge to her daughter and the three enjoying a day out at the zoo.

Likewise, though Jack expressed interest in Jade during feedback week, their interaction only served to reinforce her excitement over prospects with Ridge.

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However, the first bump in the road came up during the homestay week in which Ridge went to visit Jade’s family, moving in with them for a week on the Gold Coast.

One awkward family lunch later featuring some standard Ridge banter raised concern among Jade’s family over his maturity and left them wondering if Ridge was a good match.

In efforts to prove himself, Ridge then organised a thoughtful date for Jade and the pair talked over their plans for the future together, though things quickly go awry when Ridge suggests they do the first six months post-experiment long distance (as they live in different states) before they figure out whether they want to move in together.

Jade took these comments as a sign that Ridge was looking to avoid commitment, though he did his best to reassure that this wasn’t the case, even saying he came close to dropping the ‘L’ bomb during the homestay. Ahhh, things are getting serious!

Though Ridge brought his maturity back into question by *chanting* as Jade attempted to express her sincere feelings for him, the pair reconciled after a brief falling out, with Ridge revealing to the group his plans to move to the Gold Coast to move in with Jade and her daughter.

Unsurprisingly, when the final vows came around the pair agreed to continue their blossoming relationship outside the experiment and were very much still in love when the reunion was recorded.

So have Jade and Ridge lasted past the reunion?

Are Ridge and Jade from MAFS Australia still together now?

We have good news and bad news.


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