April 2024’s Full Pink Moon in Scorpio and what it means for your sign

Let go of: The idea that you need to do any of this alone.


Diving into an obsession, falling in lust, changing your life, discovering your power, exploring sexuality, all kinds of transformation, accepting support and/or financial help.

Let go of: Old versions of you and anything that’s holding you back.


Putting your health and wellbeing first, changing your daily routine, becoming more focussed on a goal, working harder, taking steps towards a dream, getting organised.

Let go of: Old ideas about who you are and how your life should look.


Pursuing a creative or passion project, following a dream, doing what makes you happy, having fun, party planning, creating a life you don’t want to escape from, dating, flirting, going for it.

Let go of: Self doubt, fake friends, anything that’s bringing you down.


Choosing a new way to live, moving house, changing your family set-up, spending more time with people who light you up, helping a relative in need, renovating, feeling at home, firming up your foundations.

Let go of: Fear, doubt, other people’s opinions on your life or choices.


Telling your story the way you want to tell it, asking for help, putting yourself out there, writing, speaking, going for it with an idea, connecting with siblings, exploring your local area.

Let go of: procrastination, worrying what anyone else thinks, lies.


Asking for more, investing in yourself, speculating to accumulate, knowing your worth, finding financial freedom, building a legacy, prioritising what matters most to you.

Let go of: Limiting beliefs, someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


Choosing yourself, releasing doubt, becoming the person you want to be, investing in your appearance, finding your own sense of style, sharing your life more, working towards a personal goal, changing your approach.

Let go of: Any lingering sense that you don’t deserve to be happy… you do.


Taking time out from it all, finding peace, accepting an ending, starting over, getting in touch with your spiritual side, putting your wellbeing first, deciding to make a change, leaving the past where it belongs.

Let go of: Stress, overwhelm and working too hard.


Feeling lucky, manifesting a miracle, networking for your career, feeling a sense of community in your life, surrounding yourself with good people, feeling inspired, campaigning for something you believe in.

Let go of: Dead wood, outdated methods and predictable thinking.


Focusing in on your career, finding success, reaching out to people who can help you, letting go of self-doubt, discovering your talents, knowing you can do it, levelling up, celebrating a bright idea.

Let go of: Time drains and jealous friends.


Making travel plans, seeking adventure, feeling inspired, changing your outlook, exploring interests, discovering more about what makes you happy, reading, writing, living life differently.

Let go of: Perfectionism. For real this time.

The Astrology Almanac 2024 by Emma Howarth is published by Leaping Hare Press (7 September 2023) and out now.


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